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As the company that pioneered the hydrotherapy industry 60 years ago, we proudly offer the best hot tubs and spas available in the world today.

Before you browse our best-selling spas, we would like to point out some exciting innovations.

We understand that water quality and energy efficiency are high on your list of important features. We offer  a way to maintain clear, fresh water that is not only highly effective, but also saves energy by helping your hot tub run more efficiently. The CLEARRAY® Water Management System, standard on new J-500™, J-400™, J-300™, J-LX® and J-200™ Jacuzzi® models, uses UV-C technology to make it easy to maintain clean, clear water.

As the brand that leads the industry, we offer a hot tub collection that makes hydrotherapy available to anyone. The innovative J-500™ Collection will change the way you look at hot tubs, boasting a revolutionary design and a hydromassage experience that has defined the industry. The J-400™ Collection delivers on performance, featuring a distinct high-back design and more rotational PowerPro® Jets. The J-300™ Collection is engineered for comfort, featuring PowerPro® Jets and an advanced control panel. The J-LX® Collection brings modern form to your backyard, with energy-efficient performance without compromising jet power. And, the J-200™ delivers quality and value, backed by the Jacuzzi® Brand.

All of our models bring warmth, comfort, and invigorating hydrotherapeutic massage. It’s the best way to relax and reconnect at home with family and friends.

Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs has more than 500 retail locations worldwide, including more than 400 in the U.S. and 50 in Canada.

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